David Samson breaks down how the NFL’s CBA negotiations could soon fall apart

With the terms of an outline of the next collective bargaining agreement between NFL team owners and the NFL players’ association coming out, and some notable names in the league voicing their displeasure over those specific details, it’s enough to make one wonder what exactly is going on with this whole situation. Thankfully, David Samson has you covered with Wednesday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson.”

First and foremost is the obvious breakdown of where Samson believes the fans should be on in this dispute. The answer is simple in his eyes: the fans just want to see games played.

“As fans, we don’t actually care to much what is in the collective bargaining agreement, we just want the players to play,” Samson said. “Period. Uninterrupted. Labor peace.”

Of course, he also provides a thorough breakdown of what exactly these negotiations entail including the basics of what make up a typical CBA, how what gets leaked is usually an outline of a CBA and not agreement in its entirety, the stages of approval, and how it finally becomes league law. Ultimately he tackles the question of whether the vocal displeasure from some of the game’s biggest stars is good for the sport of football as we know it.

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