David Samson: Mike Trout’s opinion on the MLB Arizona plan doesn’t matter, the problems with the idea do

Sports leagues are trying to figure out a way to resume games while keeping everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic, but there is no easy solution. Rumors of an “Arizona plan” to play the MLB season have been swirling, with many players speaking out about their concerns with the idea.

The concept is essentially bringing the teams to Arizona, quarantining them and continuing the season with no fans, but it is far from perfect. 

David Samson sits down on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson” to discuss what three-time AL MVP Mike Trout had to say about the plan and why his opinion doesn’t mean as much as people may think.

Trout listed many reasons why the Arizona plan would not work for him, including having a baby on the way. 

Samson credited Trout with having an influential voice saying, “When he goes public talking people listen” and “We need someone with that level of gravitas that level of ability.”

With such a big star speaking against it Samson asks, “Does that mean it won’t happen?”

He answered his own question saying:

“Mike Trout not liking the Arizona plan has about as much weight as me not liking the Arizona plan. It doesn’t matter.”

Samson doesn’t blame Trout for not wanting to be just sitting in a hotel room and not having his family there, but his lack of endorsement will not be what stops the plan from happening. The reason the plan won’t pass, Samson argues, has everything to do with the problems with it and nothing to do with which players speak out.

“Do we really think players will agree to that? Not gonna happen,” Samson says. “It doesn’t matter that [Trout] doesn’t like the plan, what matters is the plan has a lot of work to do.”

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