David Samson: No chance MLB takes season to Japan to continue it there, players union won’t approve it

David Samson is here to address the rumors that the MLB is considering taking the season and bringing it to Japan. With everything on pause, people are wondering if leagues can get creative in order to get sports back in action. This idea is not only a bad one, but one that won’t happen, says the “Nothing Personal with David Samson” host.

He starts out with a strong stance calling it an idea that, “Can only be described as brilliant, non-sensical, no chance, impossible to ever logistically take place.”

He says there’s no world where the MLB Players Union agrees to this, citing players who have already spoken out about not wanting to be quarantined in Arizona to play because they would miss major life events like the birth of children. 

Samson asks if so many are against Arizona, how well is the Japan idea going to go over?

“I can’t even say it with a straight face. You think players are going to get up and move for five months to Japan? You think the expense of getting everyone to Japan, somehow finding a way where there are not stadiums as close together in Japan as they are in Arizona,” Samson explains.

He expands upon his point by going through things like food, fans and expenses before discussing just how complicated the time zone problem will be as well.

He says the MLB wants to come back for TV and ratings, but refers to his “trusty world clock” to see how that will work out. “It’s 1:37 a.m. in Tokyo, it’s 12:37 p.m. eastern as I’m taping it … not gonna happen,” he relays.

Continuing to demonstrate just how much he believes this would not work he says, “Would the players like playing regular season games at 11 p.m.? Which would be 10 a.m. in the East Coast? No … are you getting my drift?”

With any new thoughts from leagues Samson says you need to, “Take any idea and noodle it, massage it, workshop it and then dismiss it.” The leak occurred before this all happened, which is “why you have a ‘Nothing Personal’ segment” on it.

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