David Samson says Adam Silver’s suggestions for NBA players during coronavirus quarantine make no sense

As we dive deeper and deeper into the no-sports world we currently inhabit, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that he’s been trying to find some way to fill this gap. In an interview Wednesday, Silver suggested putting together a spectator-less game for charity with quarantined and isolated players to help with the psyche of Americans during this period.

On Thursday’s episode of “Nothing Person with David Samson,” the show’s host took time to compliment the way Silver had led the league during this coronavirus pandemic, but also made sure to note he’s not entirely sure why the commissioner is suggesting this kind of idea.

“Even if it’s a game of charity, I am not going to lend my player to that game if there’s a risk of him getting hurt,” Samson said. “And the only way that I know he doesn’t get hurt is if he stays in shape.”

Samson then pointed out that it is just simply too soon to start thinking about when sports are going to start up again. The fact of the matter is, players have been out of their respective sports for a period of time that could make getting back into playing shape difficult, especially since the league announced they would close down team training facilities.

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