Delving Into the Story of Mass Effect

Eden Prime, where Mass Effect all started. We are introduced to Admiral Anderson – who is actually Captain Anderson at this point. We know he is Shepard’s friend, he has more power over Shepard, but yet we see Shepard is highly respected by Anderson. It is almost as if he looks up to him. We can really see this when Anderson hands the ship freely over to Shepard.

When Anderson hands the ship over to Shepard on the Citadel, we have the option to delve deeper in Anderson’s past with Saren. He tells about how he never really got along with Saren, the rogue spectator. Saren betrayed Anderson when they were on a mission, killing innocent civilians, it lost Anderson his chance at becoming a spectre. To this day, Anderson has always wanted revenge, and he was going to get it, when Shepard catches Saren.

Moving back on top, we’ve seen that Anderson is Shepard’s friend and former – captain, and that he is quite brave. He see his courage before Illos. When Shepard is given the option of letting him break into Udina’s office, or C-Sec to set the Normandy free. By going the C-Sec route, we see Anderson take a bullet, literally, so Shepard can save the day. You know, as you do… It’s this show of bravery that gets Anderson his spot on the council (should you choose him over Udina). I believe he is a much better choice, as Jacob in ME2 says, he’ll put defence before politics.

I haven’t explored David’s past yet. Who was he before Mass Effect? Let’s take a look at his romantic life. In Mass Effect 3, if you do the Grissom Academy mission, you will meet Kahlee Sanders. We get hints that she and Anderson are romantically involved, how she sounds so relieved he is alive, “when we get out of this… just tell him to stay alive.” Just like a teenager with a crush. It is finally confirmed when you speak to Anderson over the QEC after the mission. He says they had something once, and seems very interested in reigniting the relationship.

In the Citadel DLC, the apartment Anderson gives to Shepard was originally meant for him and Kahlee. But I think Anderson had given up hope here. He wouldn’t admit it, but he didn’t like the idea of hanging onto things, I think he thought he’d die soon.

The Citadel DLC is where we hear a little about his involvement in the first contact war. We don’t hear much about it, but Anderson describes it as brutal. He served alongside a woman called Jill Dah. That is about as much as we know.

In Mass Effect 3, Anderson is the leader of the resistance on Earth. He chooses to stay and fight while Shepard heads to space. His story comes to sad close. He follows Shepard up the beam to the Citadel near the end, and is shot by Shepard, unintentionally. Shepard of course being controlled by the Illusive Man, who was under the control of the reapers. But Shepard of course resisted.

After opening the arms of the citadel, Anderson and Shepard sit down. Anderson is dying. He doesn’t show it, but he was shot right in the gut. His final words, “I’m proud of you.” play as his head tilts. “Thank you, sir.” is the reply from Shepard, to which Anderson does not acknowledge.

That is the Anderson story.

Source by Tiernan Shepard

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