Dirty Street Fighting Beyond MMA – Muay Thai

When someone thinks of urban combat he or she thinks beyond the usual, normal fighting methods. To do this entails that any rules must be thrown out. Unfortunately most fighting systems revolve around and are defined by their rules: BJJ, K 1 and UFC.

It should be said that rules are nothing more than limitations of total liberty, total freedom. There are a few systems that claim they are free-JKD, Krav Maga, etc. However, on close inspection these arts contain too much learned fine motor coordination, highly trained tools and attributes to make them free. They cloud freedom with a layer of learned responses that are not usable under extreme stress.

To be an effective street fighting system it must posses the following:

1) Surprise movements: Remember this isn’t about go home and learn from the experience and try to beat the moves in a sport setting. If they can’t handle the first meeting with the surprise, they die.

2) Use already learned neural patterns in place of fine coordination: Fear will remove the ability to do calculus and those intricate fighting moves. It must be based on far more engrained gross motor movements.

3) Be useful in a variety of environments: What only works on the beach is useless in knee deep snow.

4) Must take account that different body types must be capable of using the fighting system: Many arts are based for highly athletic, great flexibility, and very in shape people. The reality is that this is not the state of the majority of people who need to be able to survive a street/urban attack.

5) Must come from an applied learning background: It is of little use of only one out of two million people can learn it and make it work for real. It must be a fighting system that can work for a multitude of people. It must be remembered that teaching is a science that few know.

With these five points you can objectively analyse any system of street fighting. Most systems will be found to be nothing more than a sport system or a rule limited art. These will not help you survive when there are no rules.

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Source by Christophe A Clugston

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