Draymond Green escalates feud with Charles Barkley, says he has ‘no rings, can’t sit at this table’

Draymond Green and Charles Barkley are once again beefing because the current Warriors star took exception to some of the words that the Hall of Famer threw his way recently. Barkley has been rather critical of Golden State’s performance so far this season. While some might cut the team a little slack given that Steph Curry only started playing again this week, Klay Thompson is out for the season and Kevin Durant left to Brooklyn in free agency, the former MVP said that Green got himself ejected from the team’s recent game against the Lakers because he just doesn’t want to play.

Green, someone who is not wont to let these criticisms go, fired back at Barkley on Friday with some words about the former 76er’s career accolades and mild threat about his current job as an analyst.

Among the insults Barkley has thrown Green’s way is saying that the Golden State forward is averaging a triple-single on the season, and using that to criticize his play — a line that often make Barkley’s TV deskmate Shaquille O’Neal laugh.

This isn’t the first time the two forwards have traded barbs in this fashion. Barkley said in 2018 that he felt like he wanted to punch Green in the face over the way he acts, to which Green basically invited him to do that if he felt so strongly about it. It was thought that the two had patched up after the two shared a set during the NBA Finals and things were cordial and mildly apologetic.

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