eXfuze Review – Best of the Best Or Worse?

Last year an old acquaintance and former business partner called me to present a new deal. The MLM was called eXfuze and of course was brand new and just getting ready to pre-launch.

The story started with the master distributor, Steve Campbell.Steve had been in MLM for over 20 years and was a well respected powerhouse, but I also knew he was making over 7 figures with another well established company. The next person he mentioned also surprised me, Paul Morris the VP, knew just about everyone in MLM, and had been around the industry for years.

He then mentioned someone I also knew very well, Keith Halls, the ex CFO of NuSkin, had joined the team as a distributor!

A distributor??

Why would someone worth that much money want to join a company as a distributor? I was amazed. The company had $5 million in funding for the start up, had even enlisted a whole team of professional football players as investors, yada yada, yada, the list went on.

I had heard all the positives but I knew there was a bomb lurking somewhere!

It was a super juice! Argggh……………..!

Super juices in MLM were about as common as Rolls Royces in south Florida!

It seemed like a waste of time to go further but I had promised him I would look, so I dusted off my secret 4 step critical analysis tool and went to work. Well sometimes you just can’t see it until you dig deeper. What I found after I finished was surprising!


The eXfuze superjuice did pretty well in comparison to the opposition. They had gone with a select group of the top 7 well known juices (Gac, Acai, Goji, Noni, Fucoidan, Mangosteen, and Seabuckthorn), and fused them together using cold process extraction, making a distinctive one of a kind nutritional product.

Ground Floor

Then the critical test. There are many good MLM companies out there with great products and I truly believe that if you learn how to market properly you can be a huge success with any of them. Today everyone knows there is lots of money in MLM, however, lets face it, you need to be ground floor.


What will become of eXfuze, they are lost in a ocean of super juice companies which keep popping up like weeds, but with their solid foundation it will interesting to see.

MLM today provides you with many top opportunities, and once you make your choice, the most important factor in your success is learning how to market. Most people in MLM bet the ranch on hot product, pure luck and company momentum to make it happen for them and then once they have blasted through their warm market, they are dead in the water. If you are committed to being successful with a company like eXfuze, then you need to learn how to successfully market you business and take control of your own destiny.

Source by Marc Barrett

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