Facts on Manny Ramirez

Facts on Manny Ramirez, Boston the team he once played for, and the legacy he left…The Curse of the Great Latino! Watch out Boston Redsox fans, your next curse is on the clock…The Curse of the Great Latino!

You think breaking The Curse of the Great Bambino took long, you ain’t seen nothing yet…Why did Boston Redsox Administration not Nation, give up on Manny in 2008, while Manny being Manny, could not have taken the team to any worst off place then they already were. And would eventually get them tossed out of the playoffs…In the next 55 years or so, I guess we will ponder and have to say the curse started with an over zealous general manager and clueless team ownership! Sorry pal, winning 2 World Series in 4 years ain’t enough. We wanted 3 in 5…

Let’s not forget to mention the people actually responsible for making it always seem like, there is more to the story than there really was, the media. Congratulations, Mr. Tim McCarver, now I am really sure, that I am happy that Deion Sanders sprayed you with champagne that year. Yes.

Facts on Manny Ramirez are that the Boston Red Sox in one of the most unprecedented moves in the history of Major League Baseball, less we say, trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees for peanuts, which by the way I like better than crackerjacks. Yes, the clueless Boston Redsox ownership traded away Manny Ramirez during the most crucial time of the year. The part of the year where, If you have the luxury of 2 big bats in your lineup, you don’t give one away. 2 stud bats to be exact. We all know what lil’ papi did this year…It would have given the Boston Redsox another serious bat in the order, to perhaps pick up the slack, yeah what a nice notion.

I guess the Curse of the Great Latino, could not wait to get kick started and it could not have hit us harder, than the New England Patriots losing Tom Brady for the 2008 football year. You thought I was just talking smack…Yeah by now its starting to sink in huh…I though so. The 2009 baseball season has just entered its 2nd week.

Back to Facts on Manny Ramirez, being Manny, I must say that if there was a serious distraction on this team last year it was Coco Crisp, I know the team was riddled with injuries for most of the year and they really did fight through it, but what the heck did Coco Crisp do! He was more of a distraction than Manny Ramirez was, and the difference is that he does not have the big bat to back up the distraction.

I pray to thee Oh Manny Ramirez, holder of the longest dreds in baseball, and soon to be the longest curse in baseball as well. Have pity on Redsox Nation, for we not know what we do…Find it in your heart to continue to play almost everyday and carry a big stick, and most of all Manny, now that you are in California… Just win baby, win.

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