Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Preview: Top 10 sleeper hitters feature Clint Frazier, Brandon Belt

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Highlights: Mets at Phillies

The matchups for Week 10 (Sept. 21-27) seem fairly straightforward — a welcome bit of calm to close out a season of chaos.

But there may yet be some chaos still. As things stand, the Cardinals and Tigers are scheduled to play only 58 games. Should the two missing games become relevant for playoff seeding, chances are those two teams would face off for a doubleheader Sept. 28, the day after the season is supposed to end.

Would those games count in your league? Should they count in your league? In premium leagues where you have control of such things, it’s something you’ll want to straighten out now. I’d personally be inclined to count them since they would in fact be regular season games, but someone who doesn’t have any Cardinals or Tigers might disagree. The former would go from having eight games to 10 in such a scenario while the latter would go from having six games to eight.

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With that said, here are my top 10 sleeper hitters for Week 10, all rostered in less than 75 percent of CBS Sports leagues.

10 Sleeper hitters for Week 10 (Sept. 21-27)

Best hitter matchups for Week 10

1. Astros @SEA3, @TEX4
2. Rockies @SF4, @ARI4
3. Cubs @PIT4, @CHW3
4. Indians CHW4, PIT3
5. Yankees @TOR4, MIA3

Worst hitter matchups for Week 10

1. Rays @NYM3, PHI3
2. Twins DET2, CIN3
3. Angels TEX1, @SD2, @LAD3
4. Reds MIL3, @MIN3
5. White Sox @CLE4, CHC3

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