Fantasy Football: 12 bounceback candidates for 2020 include Kerryon Johnson, T.Y. Hilton and A.J. Green

It’s always tough to name bounceback candidates. They are, by definition, coming off some type of underperformance, which creates an easy rebuttal to any argument. But players fail to meet expectations for a variety of reasons, and recency bias can lead to overcorrections in their Draft Day price. 

There are a lot of players who could qualify for 2020. For some, it’s as simple as being healthy, but in this article I only chose that type of player where I believed a healthy season presented considerable upside relative to their early ADP. Cost always matters, and if the market is correctly valuing the risk of the player, it’s not particularly helpful to point out upside that everyone knows exists. 

You won’t find Odell Beckham, Le’Veon Bell and James Conner on the below list. All may be bounceback candidates, but I have concerns. I still buy into Beckham’s talent, but a return to an elite No. 1 target share doesn’t appear to be in the cards playing alongside not just Jarvis Landry, but now Austin Hooper and multiple pass-catching backs. There’s a lack of clarity on what new coach Kevin Stefanski might bring but it seems plausible Beckham is looking at a target shortage in a similar way that Stefon Diggs got one under Stefanski last year. 

Bell and Conner both appear to be easy bets to beat depressed ADPs if their roles don’t change, but I’m concerned both could lose work in 2020. We talked about both on today’s episode of the Fantasy Football Today podcast:

Here are 12 other bounceback candidates to consider for 2020:

Bounceback Candidates

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