Fantasy Football Dynasty tight end rankings: Is Dallas Goedert supplanting Zach Ertz?

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It’s easy to get misled by a couple of weeks. This is especially true at a position like tight end. Last year after two weeks Evan Engram was outscoring Travis Kelce and George Kittle wasn’t a top-12 tight end. That being said, the trend in Philadelphia does not look great for Zach Ertz.

Ertz has been out targeted and out produced by Dallas Goedert in the past four Eagles games stretching back to last season. While Ertz is playing more snaps and running more routes, Goedert is consistently getting the ball more. In those four games, Goedert has 28 catches for 295 yards and two touchdowns on 37 targets. In that same stretch Ertz has seen 24 targets and turned them into 14 catches for 132 yards and one score.

In re-draft leagues, I could understand sticking with Ertz. You could make the same argument I’ve made for Julio Jones in relation to Calvin Ridley. That as soon as opposing defenses treat them the same, Ertz will be better again. But in Dynasty, Goedert is four years younger than Ertz and Ertz has been pretty open about being unhappy about his contract situation. While Ertz is still under contract in 2021, he wanted an extension before this year.

If Goedert and Ertz are going to be close to the same guy this season, it’s a no-brainer to take Goedert in Dynasty. He may already be the best tight end in Philadelphia.

Here are my updated tight end Dynasty rankings:

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