Fantasy Football: February Best Ball ADP Review has Sammy Watkins, Cam Newton among five late-round targets

ADP review in Feburary? That sounds insane, right? More like awesome. One of my favorite things about Best Ball leagues is that they give us so much data so early. Now in fairness, there have only been 94 drafts on BestBall10s as of this writing, so it’s not a ton of data yet, but it’s more than we’d have without them. 

For those of you who need a quick refresher, Best Ball in this context refers to draft-only leagues. You don’t have to set your lineup each week, your best scores play. There are generally prizes involved, whether of a 50-50 nature or a winner-take-all. Some sites also offer larger tournaments where you compete against thousands for large prizes. When I’m doing ADP review and suggesting targets, I’m generally talking about individual 12-team leagues unless I specify otherwise. 

Not surprisingly, the top two by ADP are a clear-cut Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley. Maybe more surprisingly, Ezekiel Elliott is a pretty clear No .3. Michael Thomas is essentially tied with Dalvin Cook at 4.6 as the first receiver off the board. Travis Kelce (15.9) is the first tight end and Lamar Jackson (24.3) is the first quarterback. BestBall10s also include rookies, and D’Andre Swift (34.5) is the top rookie off the board, followed by Jonathan Taylor (41.4). 

One of the more interesting things to watch is how drafters handle free agents. They’re being aggressive with Derrick Henry (8.7) but seem unsure how to handle Hunter Henry (81.4). Henry has been drafted as early as 60th overall and as late as 109th.

Because of the nature of this format there are a lot more quarterbacks and tight ends drafted. Most everyone wants at least two of each, and a lot of people even draft three. That explains why David Njoku (145.1) and Sam Darnold (150.1) are in the top 150. It also pushes some players back who should be drafted sooner. Here are my favorite February buys from outside the top 150 in Best Ball ADP:

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