Fernando Tatis Jr. is having a blast in the ‘MLB The Show’ Players League

Fans and players have been trying desperately to fill the void while sports are paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. NASCAR is turning to iRacing, many NBA players are playing 2K and baseball players are participating in the “MLB The Show” Players League.  You’ll notice video games is a main theme. At least it makes me feel better that professional athletes are just like us, spending hours and hours mindlessly in front of the screen.

If you’re starting to feel bad about yourself for wasting too much time playing these games just tell yourself, “I’m doing exactly what the elite players are doing,” and you’ll feel better. One athlete who is having a blast doing all of this is shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., who is one of the most fun players to watch in “MLB The Show” Players League.

Take a look at some footage of his play:

You can feel the excitement from just viewing his at bat, with his dancing and singing making it that much better. 

At bat as slugger Manny Machado he sings, “That’s why they pay him, that’s why they pay him,” as he hits a home run.

Tatis Jr. got even more excited when he scored the game winner, another HR from Machado. The virtual fireworks went off at Petco Park as he celebrated.

We might not be able to watch players do the real thing, but at least we are getting something from the athletes. 

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