‘FIFA 20’ Premier League simulation: Liverpool finishes the job, Manchester United gets into Champions League

With the coronavirus pandemic bringing much of the world to a standstill, many of us are just in our homes trying to figure out how to pass the time. Whether that’s watching binge-watching a bunch of shows or playing countless hours of video games, here’s hoping you and your family are well. 

For us in the soccer world, why not run some simulations with EA Sports “FIFA 20” to see how this 2019-20 season plays out? We already did the Champions League, and now it’s time for the Premier League. It’s the least we can do while we wait for the season to return at some point, likely this summer. 

We ran a simulation of the entire season with the current rosters, and Liverpool took home its first Premier League title and first league crown in 30 years. Here are the standings, top scorers and more. 


  1. Liverpool, 105 points
  2. Manchester City, 93 points
  3. Manchester United, 89 points
  4. Tottenham, 82 points
  5. Leicester City, 82 points
  6. Chelsea, 70 points
  7. Wolverhampton, 68 points
  8. Everton, 63 points
  9. West Ham, 62 points
  10. Arsenal, 56 points
  11. Bournemouth, 38 points
  12. Aston Villa, 37 points
  13. Newcastle United, 36 points
  14. Watford 34 points
  15. Brighton 33 points
  16. Southampton, 29 points
  17. Crystal Palace, 27 points
  18. Sheffield United, 25 points
  19. Burnley, 23 points
  20. Norwich, 22 points

Top scorers

  1. Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City), 31 goals
  2. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City), 25 goals
  3. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United), 24 goals
  4. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham) and Anthony Martial (Manchester United), 19 goals
  5. Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), 18 goals
  6. Harry Kane (Tottenham) and Richarlison (Everton), 17 goals
  7. Danny Ings (Southampton) and Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), 16 goals
  8. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal), Christian Pulisic (Chelsea) and Sebastien Haller (West Ham), 15 goals
  9. Raul Jimenez (Wolverhampton), 14 goals
  10. Diego Jota (Wolverhampton), 13 goals

Top assists

  1. Fernandes (Manchester United), 14 assists
  2. Jota (Wolverhampton), 11 assists
  3. De Bruyne (Manchester City), 10 assists
  4. Fabinho (Liverpool), 9 assists
  5. David Silva (Manchester City), 8 assists

Champions League qualification

Liverpool, United and Tottenham all qualify for the Champions League directly. City did finish second, but the club is currently banned from the competition, pending appeal. 

If their appeal for breaking Financial Fair Play rules is granted, they would qualify. If not, fifth-place Leicester City would take the spot.

Player of the year

It’s City’s De Bruyne. While he’s been injured for a portion of the season in real life, he comes through with an amazing 31 goals to go along with 10 assists. Runner-up is Fernandes of United. He arrived at United in January from Sporting Lisbon, but in a simulation of an entire season had 24 goals and 14 assists for an output worthy of player of the year pretty much any other year. 


Sheffield United, Burnley and Norwich go down. Now, in real life, Norwich is the only one of those that is going to be relegated.

Sheffield United is currently in seventh place in the table and closer to a Champions League spot than it is 12th place, let alone relegation. 

Burnley is in 10th in real life and 12 points clear of the drop zone, so this simulation didn’t quite reflect the quality of those two this season.

Bournemouth and Aston Villa are the other two teams in the bottom three in real life, joining last-place Norwich, who look set for relegation virtually and for real.

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