Five Keys to Become a Basketball Sharp Shooter

Ask any pro and you will need to spend hours in practice to become a basketball superstar. But there are some other special tips you will need to work on to achieve your goals.

Form: The first thing you need to to if you are a beginner is get your form right. You can go to the library and check out books on proper basketball shooting form. There are also many videos on YouTube that you can browse that show the right form. The important thing here is to learn proper form right from the start.

If you start shooting using improper form at first, it will take a long time for your muscles to learn the right form. This is because your muscles are already trained, so they will have to ‘forget’ the improper way first and then learn the proper way later.

Practice Time: You should practice shooting hoops between one and two hours day. Anything more is not advised because there is only so much your muscles and body can learn at one time. If you want to maximize your day, you should practice an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon. This gives your body and mind some rest between practices.

Rhythm: Your goal is to eventually end up gliding across the basketball court when your shoot. You do not want to shoot like a mechanical robot. You want to work with the ball and transfer your body’s natural energy to the ball. This cannot be done by being a mechanical robot.

Repetition System: What does Karl Malone say before he shoots a free throw? It’s not what he says that is important but the fact he has established a certain system when he shoots a free throw. Some people calm their nerves and return their body to their state of shooting by repetition systems. This may include thinking about a certain phrase before you shoot free throws, bouncing the ball two times before shooting or rolling your eyes. The point is to have a starting point that reminds your body you are going to shoot a ball.

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