Former quarterback Tim Tebow roasts the Jets during Easter message

Tim Tebow is currently playing baseball with the Syracuse Mets, but before his MLB dream-chasing, he spent years in the NFL, playing for multiple teams. One of the teams he suited up for was the New York Jets, who he apparently does not hold in high regard. 

During his Easter sermon, he poked fun at the team while making a comparison to sports trades.

“What we are talking about is the greatest trade in the history of the world. There have been some really big trades. The Red Sox traded Babe Ruth [to the Yankees] for $100,000. How’s that for a trade? Wayne Gretzky was traded for a couple of scrubs. How that for a trade? I got traded to the Jets. How’s that for a trade? That didn’t work out for anybody. When’s the last time a Jets trade worked out? Anyway, that’s beside the point.”

Boom. Roasted.

The Jets have struggled lately, to put it kindly, and Tebow saw these struggles first-hand during his one year with New York. In 2012 he joined the team as a quarterback turned fullback and tight end, but as he said, it did not work out. 

The now 32-year-old clearly has not forgotten his time in New York or the reputation the team has.

Tebow’s NFL journey did not end with the Jets, he tried with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles before going to baseball and becoming an analyst.

He has yet to make a significant mark in the baseball world, hit just .163 in Triple-A last season in 77 games.

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