Full Body Workout Routine: Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat and Carry

Whether you’re a gym rat or you prefer to workout at home, this full body workout routine covers it all.

It’s great in the morning before your breakfast or right after work to get rid of the busy day jitters.

Either way sweating it out, getting loose and incorporating every major muscle is a simple win you can do every week.

Getting Started

Before you lift your first piece of equipment make sure to warm up.

Jump rope (or jumping jacks): 3 minutes

Air squat (butt to heels): 1 minute

Leg swings: 30 sec each leg

Arm circles: 30 sec each arm

Full Body Workout Routine

The workout is simple. We cover pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting and carrying. The goal here is to use your entire body. This workout mimicks the real world in a controlled state. Focus on form and rep count.

If you cannot complete the reps with good form, lower your weight. If you complete the reps with plenty of “gas in the tank” increase your weight.

The goal here is to use your head and listen to your body to maximize results.

Enough of the jibberish… onward!

The full body workout routine:

Superset and repeat x 4

Weighted Push-up – 20reps, note: I put a 25lb plate on my back

DB Bench row – 12reps

Dead lift – 12reps

Goblet squat – 12reps

Walk w/ DB in one hand – 30sec

Shadowbox or jump rope – 60sec

Rest – 30sec


You’ll most certainly need workout equipment to complete this workout. More than anything you’ll need a good set of dumbbells. I prefer doing deadlifts with a barbell but if you don’t lift heavy weights then the Bowflex 1090 dumbbell set will be good for you.

The tools I use for this workout are:

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell
  • Workout plates
  • Jump rope

Doing this full body workout every day would be silly. The key to exercise is rest. If you want to exercise the next day go for a long walk or do something fun in the yard with the kids / dogs.

And always remember, if you can’t workout you can always workout in the office.

Whether you decide to use these tools or not, make no excuses to get in a little office workout throughout the day.

People may look at you funny but when you’re feeling good, looking great in the mirror and can go home to relax you’ll be the last one laughing!

Did you try this workout? Tell us how it was by commenting below.

Source by Nate Anglin

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