Fundraising Ideas For AAU Basketball

As the head coach and founder of the Tri-City Thunder AAU basketball team, I want to be able to offer our brand of basketball to as many kids as possible, and keep expenses down for the families involved in the program. Anyone involved with AAU basketball knows, there are many expenses a club incurs over the course of a typical season including practice facility expenses, tournament fees, equipment costs, etc. And the more fundraising you can perform, the less money your club’s families will have to chip in during the season. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for AAU basketball that we have put into place for our club team.

First of all, ESPN The Magazine offers a great fundraising program for AAU basketball teams. For $40, a donor receives a two-year subscription to ESPN The Magazine (52 issues). The best part is that of the $40 contribution, $30 goes directly into your AAU program, and that is money in hand! As a team, we set a goal for each player to try and sell three to five subscriptions, if possible, and the result is a nice chuck of change that can be used for gym fees, uniforms, and equipment! If you set a deadline of a good two weeks, you can literally fund your program for the next few months with some diligent work on your contributor’s behalf.

Next up, every team benefits from spirit wear! Not only does it look good on families who come out to support the team, it also helps get your brand name out there. Believe me, when you are at a tournament, and wearing sharp looking team apparel, people notice. In this method of fundraising, you can go to one of numerous websites that allow you to design a custom t-shirt or other type of clothing. In the case of the Thunder, we created a basic t-shirt design with our team colors, name, and logo. Then you can sell each shirt for $20, with $8-9 from each shirt sale, going into the team’s coffers. Again, getting each player to sell at least five shirts, goes a long way towards building a nice fundraising account for your club.

Another easy fundraising idea for AAU basketball is to partner with some local restaurants in your community for fundraising nights. Many local businesses offer programs that allow you to earn 10-15% of all proceeds for customers you can bring into the restaurant on a given evening. Not only is this easy money for your program, but it’s also a nice way to spend an evening bonding with other families that are a part of your program.

These are just a few of the numerous ways we have been able to raise funds for our AAU basketball team. By staggering out the fundraisers over the course of the season, and getting all the players and families involved in working together for the benefit of the club, you can create some truly spectacular results for your program. For more information about building an AAU basketball program, please visit Star Potential Sports.

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