Germany’s Bundesliga preparing for early May return after coronavirus shutdown

Live sports may not be far away from returning. The Bundesliga, Germany’s top soccer league, has plans in place for action to resume in early May, according to the New York Times. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in every major sports league in the world being suspended until the situation improves, and while many European leagues are expected to return in some fashion during the summer months, Germany looks like it will be the first major league back in action. 

Bundesliga CEO Christian Seifert told the New York Times games would return to all 36 stadiums of the first and second division with the season concluding in June. Euro 2020 has already been postponed a year to allow clubs the chance to finish their seasons. 

Seifert said Bundesliga executives worked out how many people need to be involved at the matches in order to make it work from the logistics of the game to handling safety and hygiene.

Germany currently has the fourth most confirmed COVID-19 cases in Europe but a low death rate compared to other countries around the world. As of Wednesday, there were 1,861 deaths from 103,228 confirmed cases, according to the World Health Organization. 

The Bundesliga currently has nine rounds of action to go. Bayern Munich is in first place with 55 points, with rival Dortmund four points behind. RB Leipzig is just five points back of Bayern.

Bayern was supposed to visit Dortmund last weekend for a match with huge title implications. If the league decides to add the postponed matches to the end of the schedule and move ahead, that would likely result in Dortmund hosting Bayern in late May or early June. 

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