Get Ready for Your Brownlow Swansong! How to Make the Most Out of a Coveted Award

Get ready for your Brownlow swansong! How to make the most out of a coveted award. . .

Twelve months after he was favourite to win the Brownlow medal, Collingwood midfielder Dane Swan finally has. This time however, he hadn’t prepared his speech!

The stilettos were taken off and ties loosened as other football players and their WAGs continued on to the after-party while Swan readied himself for his media commitments.

So what do YOU do if you, your business or your product wins a coveted award?

Whether it’s a small business, sporting or community leadership accolade, you need to maximise it through some DIY PR. Afterall you’ve put in the effort, now you need some reward.

Here are our 9 tips on what to do:

1. Have a speech ready. Write down the important things that you want to say, including who you want to thank for their support (sponsors, family, friends, colleagues, the organisers etc). You don’t want to be a deer caught in the headlights.

2. Master the skill of brevity. Don’t lose your audiences attention with a 30 minute speech or speak in jargon. Everyone (and in some cases even those watching at home) needs to be able to understand what you’re talking about.

3. Be mindful of how you look. If the event is black tie, don’t turn up under-dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. The way you present yourself says a lot about you and your image.

4. Make sure you have a photograph taken with your award. If there are influential people relevant to you or your business, get a photograph taken with them too.

5. Have a press release (and a list of relevant media contacts) about your win prepared to be sent out just in case. This way you can distribute it while the news is still fresh.

6. Be ready for media interviews. Make sure you are still on song after the victory celebrations and keep in mind the key messages and achievements that you want to get across.

7. To maximize your success organise your own media interviews within your industry and local press if they haven’t been teed up by event organisers.

8. Tweet and update your status on Facebook about your win to let all of your followers and supporters know of your success.

9. Upload photos and your press release onto your website or blog and other social media platforms.

Source by Julie J Morgan

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