Giants’ Joe Judge explains unorthodox coaching tactics, including Daniel Jones taking hits in practice

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Tiki and Tierney: Joe Judge wants to physically challenge Daniel Jones

Joe Judge is continuing to change the culture of the New York Giants, a franchise that has won just 12 games over the past three seasons — the fewest in the NFL. Judge is using some unorthodox tactics (at the professional level), including running laps in practice, to make the Giants a better football team.

Running laps around the field typically flies at the high school level, but discipline is handled differently in the NFL. On CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki and Tierney” show Friday, Judge explained his approach toward his players — and coaches — when it comes to running laps as a level of discipline. 

“I ran plenty of laps, but I’ll tell you this — I never asked a coach to run a lap. We run laps as reminders, not as punishment,” Judge said. “There’s consequence for what we do on the field. You make a mental error, you have to make sure you are locked in and focused. These are professional athletes we’re talking about. Jogging a lap around the field isn’t the biggest thing in the world.” 

Running laps is one of the different methods Judge is using to get the losing culture out of New York. There were even reports the Giants were going to strip the red practice jersey off franchise quarterback Daniel Jones and allow him to get some contact before Week 1 of the season, with no preseason games. 

“I never said Daniel Jones wasn’t wearing a red jersey,” Judge said. “If he doesn’t take a couple shots on the field, the staff will wear him out in the locker room after the game.”

This is Judge’s first season as a head coach and he does come from an organization in the New England Patriots that does have unorthodox habits. But of the nine Billl Belichick assistants who have been a head coach for multiple seasons, only Bill O’Brien (52-44 regular season record) has been able to produce a winning record (Al Groh went 9-7 in his lone season as a NFL head coach in 2000). 

Judge seems to use the same philosophy as Brian Flores did in Year 1 with the Miami Dolphins. As Flores saw in his first season, ran ability to adjust was very important in getting results. 

“I’m learning on a daily basis,” Judge said. “I try to learn from our players. I try to learn from other coaches. I always try to learn from my own mistakes. I’m very pleased with the progress we’re making as a team. Our guys have come out to work every day with a lot of energy and a lot of intensity. These guys are very receptive in meetings. They’re very bright eyed and are taking a lot of detailed notes and asking intelligent questions. They are making a lot of progress. I’m very proud of the work they are putting in.”

While Judge is getting criticized for his approach, he’s doing things his way and his players are buying in. When a team hasn’t won a playoff game since Super Bowl XLVI and is just 12-36 over the last three years, changes have to be made in order to get a franchise in the right direction. The Giants are buying in. 

“The important thing I wanted to get in here was everyone has a chance to start. Look, they’re in the National Football League, every team has talent and it’s tough to win anywhere in this league,” Judge said. “To me it was about getting our players to start fresh, demonstrating what they can do, and produce on a daily basis. And they’ve come out every day and they’ve shown a level of improvement. I’m pleased with the way we’re shaping up and developing.”

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