Harlem Globetrotters post educational videos for kids during COVID-19 quarantine

The Harlem Globetrotters have been a source of basketball entertainment for decades where parents can take young kids to watch a sillier version of the sport. While they usually bring their show across the country with a nationwide tour, the current coronavirus pandemic has obviously created a snag in those travel plans.

But the group is not one to give up their desire to entertain, so they did what anyone else would do while isolated at home for long stretches of time: start a video series. The Globetrotters are posting videos on the team website that are focused on spreading educational and motivational messages for young basketball fans. Naturally, the videos also include highlights from games as well as trick shots and incredible ball-handling skills.

“It’s pretty much an extension of our roles as ambassadors of goodwill,” Chris “Handles” Franklin, told USA Today Sports. “There are millions of people at home right now, practicing social distancing while trying to find things to do. That was definitely our goal.”

Franklin has been with the team for 13 years and is featured in the first three episodes of the team’s series. Other team members will be included in future videos, and some might even include their children.

“Some of my teammates have younger kids, so they might work them into these,” Franklin added. “They’ll each put their own unique spin on them depending on their strengths and what they want to teach. We’re at home like everyone else, but you know the creative juices never stop. We’re all just trying to create.”

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