Here’s why Eagles and Texans are the most likely 0-2 teams to make the playoffs

Eleven teams have yet to win a game through the first two weeks of the 2020 NFL season, which means 11 teams will be desperate to stay alive in their respective division races this coming weekend. Some of the winless clubs aren’t surprises; no one really expected much of the Carolina Panthers or New York Jets this year. But plenty of them are; perceived contenders like the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles have completely stumbled out of the gate this fall.

Which of the 11 teams seeking their first win are most likely to turn things around? Which of them is most likely to leap back into playoff contention — and maybe even make a run — by season’s end?

Brady Quinn joined Will Brinson on Wednesday’s Pick Six Podcast (you can subscribe right here) to break it down, and the duo agreed that two teams stand out from the rest of the pack: The Eagles and Houston Texans.

The Eagles have looked out of sync since about halfway through their season-opening loss to Washington Football Team, but as has often been the case in recent years, their divisional circumstances are the most obvious reason they can’t be ruled out of a rebound.

“If you look at the NFC East,” Quinn explained, “it’s not like anyone looks like they’re running away with it.”

As for the Texans, both Quinn and Brinson think Deshaun Watson and Co. have been maligned by maybe the hardest start to a schedule of any team in the NFL after falling to both the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. Not only that, but Watson and the Texans have turned 0-2 starts into playoff trips before.

“Bill O’Brien’s been here before,” Quinn said. “They’ve been here before. Heck, there’s a good chance they could be 0-3. But that’s a team, because of their history with the coach and quarterback, I think they have a shot.”

Quinn also floated the Detroit Lions as a dark-horse candidate to turn things around after opening 0-2. Matt Patricia may appear to be a lame duck atop the staff in the general public, but Quinn thinks “they’ve got more (firepower) than most people realize.”

“We know this,” he said. “They can put up points.”

Staying in the NFC North, Brinson all but declared the Vikings dead thanks to coach Mike Zimmer’s insistence on playing a ground-and-pound strategy that doesn’t appear to align with their personnel.

“I don’t know how they improve the secondary with the players that they have,” Brinson said. “He also doesn’t have any interest in letting Kirk (Cousins) cook. He wants to let (Dalvin) Cook cook. He wants to play a bunch of defense, and he doesn’t have a defense … I don’t know if he’ll philosophically change what he wants to do.”

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