How Larry Fitzgerald got Eli Manning to throw a football for the first time since he retired

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Following the conclusion of the 2019 NFL season, two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning announced his retirement. Since calling it quits, Manning has only picked up a football on one occasion In an interview with Paul Schwartz of The New York Post, Manning revealed that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was in New Jersey in July and asked if the quarterback would meet up and have a catch.

“So, since December 29, I’ve thrown a football one time,” Manning said. “One day, a buddy of mine asked if I would throw him some routes. He was in the area and I said I would do it just for him… Yeah, it was Larry Fitzgerald, he was in town and called me.”

The two met at a high school football field in the New Jersey suburbs and got a workout in. Fitzgerald ran about 40 routes in which Manning tossed him the ball.

“I think we both looked old,” Manning said. “It worked out. I can’t throw it that far and Larry can’t run that far. Pretty good timing, my deep ball and his 4.9 speed worked pretty well together.”

Manning and Fitzgerald have been close since the pair entered the league together in 2004. Manning was the top pick, selected by the San Diego Chargers before being traded to the Giants. The Cardinals selected Fitzgerald with the No. 3 pick. Fitzgerald is currently in his 17th NFL season and still producing at a high level in a very dangerous Cardinals offense. 

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