How to Choose Football Boots

If you don’t know which football boots should be the best for you, you should read this article. In this article, you will read about the footwear that will be ideal for you based on the type of grounds you will play on. So, please scroll down and read the tips that can help you choose the right pair.

1. Find a good sports store

First of all, you should find out a good store that sells football boots. If your local shop doesn’t have a big collection of boots, you can skip it and go for some other store that offers the best collection.

2. Brand and models

You may not want to ask for a regular pair of boots at the store. Look at it this way: if you need a smartphone, you won’t just go to a mobile phone store and ask them to give you any phone. You will ask for a specific model and brand. In the same way, you should know the specifications of the football boots you want.

3. Try the boots on

Most people make this mistake. They choose a pair and get it packed without trying it on inside the shop. You should not make your purchase decision based on the look of the shoes only. Similarly, don’t buy a pair of boots just because your favorite football player wears the same brand. Make sure the brand you have chosen is comfortable for you. If the pair you have chosen feels tight, go for some other pair. You should never compromise on the comfort or quality.

4. Playing style

If you need speed, you should go for lighter boots. On the other hand, heavier boots allow you to apply powerful techniques and shots.

Buy A Pair Based On The Surface Type

In football, quality boots are differentiated by the outsoles they have. Typically, football players play on three different types of surfaces. Hard ground, artificial turf and natural turf (grass). Let’s take a look at them.

1. Grass Football Boots

Usually, the most popular type of boots feature molded cleats, and they are commonly purchased by casual players. The prominent feature of these boots is that they have conical studs or blades at the bottom.

For wet ground or softer grass, you may want to opt for the boots with spaced-out studs. However, keep in mind that you should not use these boots on hard ground or you may hurt your ankles.

2. Astroturf Boots

In Astroturf boots, the short studs are located on the outsole. If you play on astro-turf ground on a regular basis, these boots will be you ideal choice.

3. Indoor Football Shoes

Usually, these boots have a rubber-like flat outsole. You can use these versatile boots for casual walking as well.

In short, if you are not sure which type of boots you should buy, we suggest that you invest in a basic type of boots with plastic cleats. You can use them on different types of surfaces, such as muddy surfaces, grass and Astroturf.

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