How to Combat Insufficient Contraction Speed

There are many times when a body which is capable of sufficient strength cannot produce that strength in the time necessary for a vertical jump. There are two ways to combat this:

1. Greater max strength mostly means that the strength you can demonstrate in.2 seconds or less will also go up. So even if you still don’t reach max strength in under .2 seconds, you can still reach a greater strength because your max strength is actually higher.

2. Agility and rate of force development drills, and a tapering off of any exercises that will train a slower rate of force development, will help you discover the strength you already have but are not presently capable of demonstrating in short bursts.

I hope that seeing “how to jump higher” through the lens of contraction speed will help you to break down the goals and athletic qualities you need to achieve. Some principles might seem overly simple, but I present them that way so you know what you are up against by way of strength and agility, and how it needs to relate to your training strategy.

The required amount of strength must be achieved to reach your maximum vertical. You must then learn to tap into that strength as much as you can during the .2 seconds of a vertical jump. This is best executed through a focus on strength and a combination of quickness and plyometrics, proceeded by a focus on quickness and maintaining the required strength. Putting it all together can be tricky, but it is worth it.

Source by Jacob W. Hiller

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