How to Prevent Computer Crash From Heat This Summer

Summer is here again! It comes sooner than expected; and it will be a hot one. This week and the past, when I would come home, I shut down my computer completely. You know why? The heat is not only getting to me, but I am afraid it will get to my laptop in the worst way. My laptop alone produces a heat never seen in these devices. I have the worst HP laptop that anyone can have. I can cook anything with the heat coming out of its vent. So, because of that, I am very cautious about working on it on such a day like today, June 2nd, 2010 in Connecticut. I live on a cape; so you can imagine how hot it is in my room on the second floor. Today, just after 9pm, I took a shower and then headed to my basement. Yep, it pays to have a cool basement or your AC bill will kill you.

So here I am, sitting nicely in my basement, while my room is a hell zone, writing this article to remind you about protecting your computer from heat.

I am not saying anything new about this subject, but it is a good reminder for all of us.

Working in data recovery makes me a bit cautious, especially with my nightmarish HP laptop. Heat is not a friend of computer. This summer, a lot of computers will fail because of hot temperature.

As a workaholic, my laptop is on most of the day. After I leave the office, I do the rest of my work at home, in the comfort of my room where I can watch TV and work at the same time.

Now, I can only do one or the other. If I need to watch the NBA final, I need to shut off my laptop, because my basement does not have a TV.

My main point here is for you to be aware about the potential danger that hot temperature can have on your computer.

Not only you have to keep yourself cool, and wear light clothes for this summer, but you will need to follow some tips on preventing heat-related crash on your computer.

Here are a few things to consider:

• If your room is too hot to stay in it, it is also for your computer (turn AC or shut computer off)

• If your computer is not in used, turn it off (PCs produces heat. A combination of heat in and heat out can be deadly for the hard disk)

• Make sure your computer vents are not clogged (it will take less heat to kill the hard drive)

• If you have a laptop like mine that goes on overdrive, turn it off from time to time (it is a time-bomb ready to explode)

Well, you can think of many other things that you can do to prevent heat from crashing your computer.

The best thing is to be mindful about your PC this summer, because we will see a spike in hard drive crashes due to heat.

Source by Pierremarie Gustave

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