How To Rent College Textbooks Online For Less

It is not hard to see that college students are looking for ways to cut down on the expense of buying textbooks. College textbook prices have gone sky-high in recent years and many students are turning to rental as a way to cut expenses for textbooks. Renting textbooks, especially renting on the Internet, has become very popular. If you are a student who has not tried textbook rental you may want to look into it for your next set of classes.

You should easily be able to find the books you need online. Once you have chosen a textbook rental service it is a very easy process to rent your textbooks. You typically just need to register on the site and then select the books you wish to rent. Next choose the length of your rental and pay the rental fee. In just a few days your textbooks will arrive in the mail. The package should include a return sticker and it is usually a good idea to keep the packaging to reuse for the return trip.

There are many online companies from which to choose from if you wish to rent college textbooks. Each company may offer its own options like free return shipping, free outbound shipping, and possibly a 30-day return policy. Some companies provide the option of extending the rental or letting you buy the book outright if you want to keep it. The prices could vary from site to site and the difference can be quite significant. Also read the terms and conditions especially things like late return fees and how much highlighting and markup you can do on the book. Also check to see if they indicate that the textbook comes with any additional software, DVDs or other extras.

One handy tool for picking a textbook rental company is to use a textbook rental comparison site. The comparison report will show what companies have your book available for rent and everyone’s rental prices. You should always click through to the actual website to verify the term of the quoted prices. Rental prices change depending on the length of the rental term.

It is estimated that a student can save from 50% to 85% over the cost of buying a new textbook by renting their books. In addition you’re not tying money up front in the hopes that you will get cash back by reselling the textbook at the end of the term. With textbook rentals you pay just one fee upfront and that’s all you pay. Renting textbooks can really help students that are on a tight budget.

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