How To Win Your MMA Fight – Spar With the Best

If you’re planning on fighting in mixed martial arts, you better get sparring as soon as possible. Sparring is the closest thing we can get to actually fighting. Sparring with high intensity is required to become a formidable opponent for anyone. Here are some tips to improve your sparring session from the beginning.


You’ll realize that before you know it you’ll be taken down, punched in the face, kicked in the stomach, etc. That is if you are sparring with someone any good. Your best defence at the beginning is to keep moving unexpectedly in different directions.

If you aren’t moving around, then likely you aren’t giving enough resistance to your training partner. This is actually do a disservice to the both of you and you’re likely wasting valuable training time.

Pace Yourself.

If you actually are training with those better than you, like you should be, you’ll realize off the bat that you must pace yourself to be able to go more than 1 round. Expect to get a bit beaten or bumped around.

Sparring for periods of time with fighters that are that much better than you will adapt you to training with these guys much faster than anticipated. Never give up and show your will to be there.


Jab, Jab, Cross. Jab, Jab, Cross. What do you think the next combination will be? Yep you’re right and so is your opponent. Don’t let your opponent anticipate your every move or he will begin countering with ease.

Be dynamic and throw rapidly changing combinations. They will throw your opponent off balance and keep them guessing and you can have them off balance for your most powerful combination.

These tips can help you in training take your fight game to a whole new level with sparring. Using a quality MMA training program will elaborate on this and get you ready for the things they don’t teach you at your club.

Source by Buster Nelson

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