J.J. Watt and T.J. Watt roast each other over social media video in sibling Twitter beef

The three Watt brothers are all in the NFL, with J.J. on the Houston Texans, T.J. with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Derek with the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite the trio’s obvious success, they are very much still brothers and have a sibling rivalry like everyone else. 

On Sunday, J.J. posted a video of him working on Twitter with the caption, “Trust yourself as much as I trust this green band.”

If you have a sibling, you know sometimes you just can’t help but make a joke, and that’s just what J.J.’s brother did.

The little brother knew a clap-back was coming after his comment, but again, if you have a sibling, you know sometimes you just can’t help it.

T.J. wrote, “I know you will roast me right back, but……. am I supposed to be impressed by this?”

Now the older Watt is definitely an impressive player. He is giving, explosive on the field and his comebacks from injury have been nothing short of amazing. 

But for T.J., J.J. is first and foremost his older brother and the Steelers linebacker continues to pick on him like little siblings do. (Except for my younger sibling who is likely reading this and does nothing wrong. Please don’t roast me.)

The Texans star seemed ready to go with an insult, and one he may have just had in his back pocket for a few weeks now. 

He dropped the mic with his reply saying, “Am I supposed to be impressed by you “almost” winning defensive player of the year?”

Harsh JJ. Great, but harsh. 

The Pittsburgh Steeler was beaten out for Defensive Player of the Year this past season by New England Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore. 

A reminder that this is an award J.J. has won three times.

Maybe T.J. will learn his lesson not to make fun of his brother’s workout videos, though I doubt it.

Knowing this is a fight he just lost, T.J. was humbled and replied, “I’ll be at the gym if anyone needs me…”

The Watt brothers tend to tease each other on social media often, usually about who is their nephew’s favorite uncle. No official word of who wins in the uncle category, but this round of social media beef definitely goes to J.J.

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