Jaguars GM says they didn’t receive a single trade offer for Yannick Ngakoue; team will ‘welcome him back’

The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t get a single trade offer for Yannick Ngakoue, according to general manager Dave Coldwell. Ngakoue has the resume to command a first-round draft pick in return compensation, but teams apparently aren’t interested in Ngaooue after the offseason saga that he has carried along with him, which included Ngakoue and Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan having a heated Twitter exchange earlier this week that may have damaged his trade value.

Perhaps that will change now that the draft’s first round is over, but the Jaguars don’t want to give him away, either. Ngakoue is running out of options and the Jaguars know it. 

“I try not to comment too much on the situation; I try to be very pragmatic about it,”  Caldwell said after the first round was completed, via the Jaguars website. “Truth be told, we exercised the franchise tender. We weren’t able to get a trade. We actually weren’t even really able to get an offer.

“I think his options are very limited at this point in time.”

Caldwell said Ngakoue’s options are limited at this point, as the Jaguars know he’s caught in a pickle. Jacksonville placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Ngakoue, so no team will be willing to part with two first-round picks to sign him. If Ngakoue does sign the tender, he’ll be guaranteed $17.788 million in 2020. 

Ngakoue has already said he won’t sign the tender and wants out of Jacksonville. The Pro Bowl defensive end appeared to have all the leverage heading into the draft. Now, the scale may have been balanced. 

“We’ll welcome him back with open arms when he’s ready to come back, and we look forward to it,” Caldwell said. “Yann is a tremendous player, a tremendous person. He has always been first class in everything he’s done here in the locker room and through his time here – the first four years of his contract.

“Obviously, he feels like things have not gone the way he wanted – and in some aspect he may have a point.”

The Jaguars are willing to bring Ngakoue back after this ordeal, even though the situation is different on his side of the fence. Ngakoue did turn down an offer north of $20 million per season from the Jaguars prior to training camp last year, so it would be hard to fathom him accepting another offer that comes his way. 

Ngakoue could just sign the tender and play the 2020 season in Jacksonville, but him the Jaguars will be right at this point again next offseason. The Jaguars want a first-round pick for Ngakoue, but they aren’t getting one in 2020 — even if Ngakoue is worth that price. 

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