Jeopardy! contestant thinks Joel Embiid’s nickname is ‘Do a 180’, Sixers star responds with hilarious tweet

The knowledge required to be a contestant on an episode of Jeopardy!, never mind winning the whole darn thing, is typically a cornucopia of important need-to-know factoids about history, science and the arts. But as one contestant showed on Wednesday, knowledge about one of the NBA’s biggest stars doesn’t fall into that collection.

One of the categories for the show was “Current Sports Nicknames,” and the $1000 answer was selected off the board — for the record, the other options were the $200-$600 choices on “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” and $400-$1000 options for “Heller.” The answer started off with Joel Embiid, and added the hint that this nickname was also the slogan for the 76ers rebuilding process. If you don’t already know, the answer is “The Process,” based on the “Trust The Process” mantra Sam Hinkie indoctrinated into many Philadelphia fans and analytics nerds. Unfortunately for one soon-to-be-well-known-for-the-wrong-reasons contestant, that’s not the answer he gave.

To give this man some semblance of credit, it’s at least clear where his thinking was coming from. “Do a 180” works as a basketball phrase and one that could be used by an uncreative franchise promising future success while tanking in the moment. But, that couldn’t be further from the real answer, so he’ll be getting clowned on Twitter for a couple days.

In some redeeming good news, Joel Embiid seemed to enjoy the flub so much that he posted a self-deprecating video of a basketball lowlight from his youth.

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