Jerry Seinfeld says he has no interest in buying the New York Mets

Lifelong New York Mets fan and comedian Jerry Seinfeld says he has no interest in trying to buy the team. The TV star was asked by TMZ Sports if he was considering ownership of the Mets and said he has no such plans.

Seinfeld, being the fan he is, loves everything that comes with MLB fandom. Ownership would change how he was able to view the games and for him, it’s not worth it.

He told TMZ Sports:

“No. The highest level of sports appreciation, particularly baseball, is a hot dog, a beer, and a seat. There’s nothing higher. That’s the pinnacle. People think that owning the team is more fun; it’s actually less fun.”

While ownership may seem like the ultimate, for Jerry, being an average fan is. 

On his show Seinfeld, the cast made many, many references to baseball and specifically the Mets. Maybe Jerry doesn’t want to own the team because he’s afraid one of the players will ask him for a ride to the airport like Keith Hernandez did. 

George Costanza does have some experiences in MLB offices, having worked as the assistant to the traveling secretary for the Yankees, and he nearly got a job with the Mets, so maybe he will throw his hat in as far as ownership goes. 

Back in the real world, New York Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez has been another name thrown around as potential Mets buyer

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