Juan Marichal – One of the Greatest Baseball Players of All Time

Born on October 20, 1937 in Laguna Verde, a Chilean town in Dominican Republic, is one of the world’s greatest baseball players of all time who gave pride to Dominican flag – Juan Antonio Marichal SÃĄnchez.

SÃĄnchez or simply known as Juan Marichal, used to play for Major League Baseball (MBL) where he was a right-handed pitcher. Most of his baseball career was spent playing for San Francisco Giants. He was famous for his pinpoint control, intimidation strategies, and high leg kick. Aside from San Francisco Giants, he also played for other professional baseball teams such as Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox. Because of Marichal’s skills in baseball, he achieved what most baseball players during the 1960’s have not achieved – he won more games than any other baseball players have won. However, despite Marichal’s achievements in baseball, he only played once for the World Series games, and oftentimes he was overshadowed by other professional baseball players such as Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax.

Marichal’s baseball career started when he was discovered by Ramfis Trujillo, the son of a former Dominican dictator – Rafael Leonidad Trujillo. Ramfis was the major sponsor for the team Dominican Air Force Baseball. In the team, Marichal played as the pitcher for a 2-1 victory game in Mente Christi. When that game ended, Marichal was enlisted on the spot by Ramfis to join the Air Force to become a member of Aviacion Dominicana team.

On July 19, 1960, Marichal started playing for Major Baseball League through the San Francisco Giants. For numerous years, Marichal had a successful career in baseball. In 1983, he was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1999, The Sporting News listed Marichal as one of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players. In 2005, his statue was erected outside the park of AT&T to honor him. In 2003, he was inducted in the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame.

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