Knicks fans yelling ‘sell the team’ kicked out of Madison Square Garden during game vs. Jazz

It just doesn’t stop with the New York Knicks. Already embroiled in yet another scandal, this one involving superfan, and famed movie director Spike Lee, the Knicks added fuel to the flames during their loss to the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.

Late in the game, a group of fans started chanting “sell the team,” and were swiftly escorted out of Madison Square Garden by arena security. The fan filming the video, who was sitting in a different section, quietly joined in, but was careful not to get ejected themselves. 

Prior to their game against the Houston Rockets — which they won in dramatic fashion thanks in large part to the best game of RJ Barrett’s young career — there was a verbal dust-up involving arena staff and Lee, which went viral on Twitter. But when Lee was later pictured sitting courtside at the game, it seemed like a misunderstanding. 

The Knicks being the Knicks, however, it has now spiraled out of control. The team sent out a press release for some reason which claimed Lee was trying to use the wrong entrance, and also included a picture of Lee shaking team owner James Dolan’s hand. Lee later went on TV and said he was being “harassed” by Dolan. That led to another statement by the team — again, why? — calling the situation “laughable.”

In the aftermath, Lee has said he’s done attending games this season, and has already given away all his tickets. 

As Wednesday night’s game shows, the latest drama has fans once again calling for Dolan to sell the team. This has been a common refrain in New York for years, but it’s not allowed at The Garden. This is not even the first time that fans have gotten in trouble for uttering the phrase. 

It likely won’t be the last either, as the team continues to sputter under Dolan’s control. 

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