Lakers waive Troy Daniels to create open roster spot, but have no imminent plans to sign anyone, per report

The trade deadline has passed, but contending teams like the Los Angeles Lakers are still making roster moves around the margins. Their wheeling and dealing continued on Sunday when they waived veteran guard Troy Daniels in order to create an open roster spot. The team announced the move ahead of their matchup with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Daniels was not a consistent part of the rotation and had played just 41 games this season, so his absence will not be particularly notable. This was simply the easiest way the Lakers could open up a roster spot for a potential buyout signing. However, according to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Lakers currently have no plans to sign another player — though they will still meet with Dion Waiters.

This is probably a wise move by the Lakers to create some flexibility in case of an emergency, but it’s hard to see how this matters all that much. And to be honest, if it wasn’t the Lakers we probably wouldn’t even be talking about this move. Every year around this time, people get all excited about buyout season and how contending teams can use their open roster spots, but there are usually only a few players on the market who can actually make an impact in the playoffs. 

And in fact, the Lakers already got one of those guys this time around in Markieff Morris. At this point in the process, unless Darren Collison makes a shocking decision to return to the league, there’s no one out there who’s going to change the calculus in the postseason. Waiters? Allen Crabbe? Tyler Johnson? Those are the kind of guys who are out there for possible backcourt depth.

Again, considering Daniels rarely played, this isn’t going to hurt. At the same time, it’s unlikely it’s going to help. We’ll have to wait and see who they sign to make a final call on that, but the available players just aren’t inspiring. 

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