LaVar Ball asked Lonzo Ball to spend all of his money on Big Baller Brand’s relaunch

When Lonzo Ball first entered the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers, it was hard to go anywhere and not hear about the Big Baller Brand. His father, LaVar Ball, was one of the most dominant personalities in the basketball world and was consumed with making the Big Baller Brand a huge success.

That changed after co-founder Alan Foster allegedly embezzled funds from the company. Big Baller Brand took a hiatus before ultimately deciding to relaunch. During Sunday’s episode of the Facebook series “Ball In The Family,” LaVar directly asked Lonzo and his brother to pull all of their resources together and put their money into making Big Baller Brand successful.

“And as a family, we just gotta stick together,” LaVar said. “Like, OK, we good. Put your money over there. My money over here… Melo over there. And we put all our money together, that’s where the venture capitalists come in and say, ‘We got a hundred mil for y’all.’ We don’t need to have a hundred mil. We got it right here if we put our s— together.”

It’s not surprising that Lonzo was hesitant to put his money into the new Big Baller Brand. After all, Ball stated that he had $1.5 million of his money stolen from Foster in a 2019 interview with ESPN.

Following LaVar’s request in the episode, Lonzo was asked by a producer if he was surprised that his father asked him to put up his money to help grow the relaunch of Big Baller Brand. Lonzo wasn’t, but also admitted that he lost money the first time around with his father’s company.

In 2019, Lonzo distanced himself from Big Baller Brand by removing any mention of it from his social media accounts. He also had his Big Baller Brand tattoo covered up and hasn’t worn Big Baller Brand apparel in over a year.

Lonzo is clearly hesitant to get involved with his father’s company again after he was burnt the first time. It’s going to be interesting to see if he completely stays away after being the face of the brand.

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