LeBron James enjoyed Red Vines on the bench after dropping 40 points in Lakers’ win over Pelicans

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James dropped a season-high 40 points against Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night and decided to celebrate with a little snack. James was seen eating Red Vines on the bench as the Lakers closed out their 118-109 home win. 

The perfect time to snack is… all the time.

LBJ is not exactly known for eating healthy all the time, and even during a game he likes to give in to his sweet tooth. At least he waited until the Lakers didn’t need his talents anymore to enjoy them.

This sparked a debate on Twitter over whether the snack in question was Twizzlers or Red Vines, but that clip of a woman eating Red Vines right near him leads me to believe it was probably them. I can just picture LeBron yelling over and asking if he can have a few.

The video of James snacking also lead to a Red Vines vs. Twizzlers discussion. Red Vines’ official twitter account weighed in, referring to the snack as the “Candy of Champions.” 

Twizzlers has yet to comment. Maybe they are scared that this clip is what Red Vines needs to finally catch up to Twizzlers.

James’ 40 points was just the fourth time in Lakers history that a player over 35-years-old scored 40 points or more in a game. He also went 11-for-27 from the field and 5-of-11 from the 3-point area. 

Los Angeles currently sits atop the Western Conference with a 44-12 record. Only the 50-8 Milwaukee Bucks have a higher win percentage in the league. 

The Lakers will face the Golden State Warriors at the Chase Center on Thursday.

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