Lionel Messi calls recent social media controversy with Barcelona ‘a strange subject’

International soccer superstar Lionel Messi gave a public interview for the first time since reports emerged that Barcelona had hired a public relations firm to tarnish his reputation, along with that of other prominent members associated with the club. A bombshell story from Spanish radio station SER originally broke the news of the PR firm’s association with the club, and its goals. 

Along with Messi, the PR firm reportedly targeted the reputations current centerback Pique, former manager Pep Guardiola, former midfielder and captain Xavi, and former Barcelona club presidential candidate Víctor Font, while trying to prop up the image of Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu and the board, who have had recent public clashes with all of those figures. Bartomeu admitted that the PR firm was hired, but denied the allegations SER made.

“It really took me a bit by surprise because I wasn’t here and I was just travelling. When I got back I learned a little about everything,” Messi said in an interview with Catalan daily, Mundo Deportivo. “The president told us the same thing he said in public; the same thing he said at the press conference. What was the situation, what had happened and I can’t say much more. Just as you know everything he said, he told the captains the same in private.”

The Argentinian declined to go into too much detail about how he felt about the whole situation, citing the fact that he wanted to wait for the facts to come out, but still discussed his overall confusion about the whole thing.

“I really find it strange that something like this has happened. But they also said that there would be evidence. We will have to wait to see if it is true or not. We cannot say much and we will wait to see what happens with all of this. I really thought it was a strange subject,” he said.

Messi’s contract is currently structured so that if he wanted to, he could leave Barcelona for any club he wants to for free.

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