Lions GM says that players are ‘100 percent behind’ Matt Patricia after noisy offseason

The Detroit Lions have had a bit of a wild offseason — and not in a good way. Over the past couple of months, former Lions players have come out against coach Matt Patricia, deeming him impossible to work with. 

Recently, the Lions sent star cornerback Darius Slay to the Philadelphia Eagles after he begged for a change of scenery, and he didn’t hold back when discussing how miserable he was in Detroit. While he expressed plenty of appreciation for Lions fans and other staff, Slay made it clear that he and Patricia did not see eye to eye. He said that he didn’t respect Patricia as a person and was upset that he traded away his teammate and friend Quandre Diggs last season. According to Slay, Patricia also belittled his cornerback and said that he wasn’t fit to work out with some of the other elite defensive backs in the NFL. 

Earlier this month, former Lions safety Glover Quin piled on and blasted Patricia for his attitude, persona and his arrogance. Former defensive lineman Damon Harrison also came out and said he was “hell-bent” on getting out of Detroit.

Despite all of these recent reports, general manager Bob Quinn is comfortable with Patricia as his head coach and with the culture they have established in Detroit. He even went further than that, and said that the roster is completely behind their head coach.

“I’d say no,” Quinn said about whether the locker room is an issue, via “I haven’t talked about it a ton, but you can go ask anybody in the locker room right now what they think of coach and how he runs the team, and they’re 100 percent behind him.

“You can’t make everybody happy in this business in terms of how you do certain things, but I can just say from the guys that we’ve signed in free agency, the guys that wanted to be here — a number of guys in our free agent class reached out to us. We obviously liked them as players, but in the weeks leading up to free agency, those guys had their agent call me and say, ‘Hey, my guy wants to be there and play for Coach.’

“So, you just have conversations with guys like Duron Harmon, who we traded for. I mean, I’ve never seen a player more excited to be traded — and we’ve done a lot of trades since I’ve been here — than Duron Harmon. I mean, he was like literally jumping out of my FaceTime wanting to come out here immediately. I have no concerns with that at all.”

Patricia is 9-22-1 as the head coach of the Lions, a franchise that has now gone without a postseason win since the 1991 season. While Patricia’s first couple of years in Detroit have been tough and this offseason has surely been one to forget, Quinn and apparently the players are confident in moving forward with coach Patricia. 

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