LOOK: Dodgers receive World Series rings during championship ceremony at home opener in Los Angeles

Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Ring
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The Los Angeles Dodgers got to reexperience the joy of winning their World Series last October on Friday with the championship ring ceremony at Dodger Stadium during the team’s home opener. Those who were on that title-winning roster last year were able to celebrate with a limited crowd of less than 15,000 fans

First, a look at the rings, which feature a bunch of shiny diamonds with one side specifying the player or staff member getting the ring, and the other commemorating the season and trophy they won.

While each and every player receiving their ring was clearly happy about the momentous occasion, perhaps none were more ecstatic than Clayton Kershaw, who, though he might not publicly acknowledge it, had the successes of his career truly validated with the championship. Additionally, it strengthened his case for Cooperstown enshrinement.

So, as one might expect, his smile was ear to damn ear when he got to put that piece of jewelry on his finger.

Kershaw getting his ring also provided an opportunity to add another example of just how magical the sport of baseball can be. As Blake Harris of True Blue LA noted, the ring was given out 18 months after the last time fans were allowed in Dodger Stadium. That previous time was one of sorrow; this one was of celebration.

What probably helped ease the pain of that last loss even more was the fact that these rings were given out in front of the team that knocked out the Dodgers and led to that 2019 photo of a sad Kershaw, the Washington Nationals. That team naturally won’t take too much issue with the timing given that the NLDS victory was on the way to a World Series for D.C.

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