Look: Gardner Minshew creates Tiger King parody, Jaguar King

It can be easy to forget that Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew has only been in the league for a single season given the amount of social media attention he gets. Of course, that’s because it’s very easy to use one of the coolest looking players in the NFL as the focus of any post to score internet points.

In the latest bit of Minshew Mania–yes, we’re at the point in this man’s career where there have been multiple editions of such hype–Jacksonville’s man under center hopped on the hype train of the latest Netflix craze, Tiger King. Unsurprisingly, Minshew fits very well into a photoshopped image of himself on the promo photo of the show, next to a wild animal.

The show focuses on a feud between two notable big cat conservationists. The main character–or antagonist, depending on how you see the feud–of the docuseries, Joseph Maldonado-Passage (aka “Joe Exotic”) has been the talk of social media given how outlandish of an individual he is. 

It’s clear that all Minshew is doing here with this post is putting himself in this photo because his colorful clothing and signature mustache make him a perfect fit for a Joe Exotic stand-in. Of course, that’s probably where the similarities end given that Maldonado-Passage eventually faces criminal charges in the series. 

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