LOOK: Joey Gallo mocked by Rangers teammates for tripping over first base


During Monday’s game against the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers slugger Joey Gallo was running to first base after getting a hit and decided to make the turn to go to second base. However, Gallo tripped on the first base bag and fell in the process before scurrying back.

He got back to the bag in time, and was safe, but that was the least of his worries.

Let’s just say that Gallo’s teammates had a little bit of fun with the situation, at his expense, on Tuesday. Rangers players drew an outline of Gallo’s body in the dirt near first base and even put crime scene tape around the area before their next game.

Check it out:

Teammates Willie Calhoun and Taylor Hearn took to Instagram to document the hilarious joke.

“Stay hot big fella,” Calhoun’s caption read. In addition, Gallo posted a photo of the crime scene and said “Y’all wrong for this.”

While the situation is quite comical now, the Rangers were concerned when it initially happened. Gallo was seen grabbing at his knee as he scurried back to first base after the fall.

“I can’t have a laugh,” Woodward said. “I tried not to laugh when I was out there. I was just making sure he was OK, because he was kind of shaking his knee, and it was concerning. Once I found out he was OK, I did want to chuckle a little bit. He seems to be fine. That’s a big man. When he falls like that, I didn’t know what was going on, but he’s fine.

“Those are moments you’ve got to enjoy, because they don’t happen very often. Joey’s lighthearted about it. I think the dugout got a pretty good kick out of it too.”

Gallo proved to be fine and was back in the lineup for the Rangers’ 7-4 loss to the Yankees on Tuesday.

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