LOOK: Winnipeg Jets fan completes playable recreation of team arena while under self-quarantine

For sports fans desperately craving new live content, it’s difficult to recreate the experience of watching an in-season game without resorting to watching a classic match for the umpteenth time. But for a Winnipeg man, hockey has never been closer.

A lifelong Winnipeg Jets fan decided to use this period of self-isolation from the coronavirus to complete a beautiful mini-stick rink in his basement. The rink includes the Jets’ logo at center ice, as well as plenty of team memorabilia surrounding it. There’s even a paper recreation of the jumbotron at the top.

Take a look:

The project was eight years in the making, according to Jeremy Harder, who told CTV News he decided to embark on this DIY journey with his sons when he first bought his house.

“We needed something to do to burn some energy, and the basement wasn’t completed at that time, so I figured, let’s make a rink,” he told CTV News. “I didn’t expect to go this far, but when I do something, sometimes I like to go overboard.

“I had the paint, I had the construction knowledge, and I had some time, so I started putting things together.”

What originally stalled this rink’s completion was that his family was able to play on the rink before all of the more intricate details were finished. That’s where the quarantine stepped in and allowed him to complete the project with not much else to do in the outside world. Well, it at least allowed him to get to the stage that you see in those photos. Harder isn’t finished with his project.

“I have some ideas on how to incorporate some goal lights, but I haven’t found anything that works,” he said.

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