Magic’s Aaron Gordon drops diss track about Dwyane Wade, Slam Dunk Contest score

Aaron Gordon turned heads at the 2020 Slam Dunk Contest when he flew over Boston Celtics big man Tacko Fall and deposited a two-handed slam. However, much to his chagrin, Gordon earned a score of 47 in his overtime round against Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones Jr. and ended up losing the contest by a single point.

With that in mind, the Orlando Magic forward released a diss track called “9 OUT OF 10” that appeared to be calling out Heat legend Dwyane Wade, who was one of the judges that didn’t give him a perfect score.

While Hall of Fame forward Scottie Pippen and actor Chadwick Boseman also only gave him a 9, Gordon’s gripe appears to still be with Wade only. In the music video, you can see Gordon sipping a glass of wine that was poured out of a bottle that says “Wade” on it.

“Knew one day I’d be good and you’d come for me, didn’t know it would make me this hungry,” Gordon raps in the track. “See you in the hallway when you say ‘youngin’ ’bout to put on a show,’ didn’t know that was code for ‘you’re about to get rolled.'”

Gordon expressed his displeasure following the Slam Dunk Contest and claimed that he’s not participating in any more of the events. In 2016, Gordon participated in the Slam Dunk Contest and fell to Chicago Bulls guard Zach Lavine in the finals.

“It’s a wrap, bro,” Gordon said after this year’s Slam Dunk Contest. “I feel like I should have two trophies… Jumping over somebody 7-5 and dunking is no easy feat. What did I get, like a 47? Come on, man. What are we doing?”

As for Wade, he doesn’t seem too mad about it. The former Heat star tweeted that Gordon should trademark the title phrase from the track.

Gordon clearly hasn’t forgotten about feeling robbed at the 2020 Slam Dunk Contest. While he took it to a whole different level with this track, he won’t ever get this worked up over it again if he sticks to his vow of never participating in the contest again.

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