Manchester City Champions League ban: CEO says allegations are false, hopes UEFA decision is overturned

Manchester City’s chief executive officer Ferran Soriano is speaking out about the allegations surrounding the team’s Champions League ban. Soriano said the allegations that the club broke Financial Fair Play rules are “simply not true.” On Friday, UEFA banned City from the Champions League for two seasons and fined the club €30 million for breaking FFP rules. 

Manchester City is appealing the ban and Soriano appears to like his club’s chances for getting the ruling overturned. The ban starts next season with the club having be found to have misled the European governing body over its Etihad sponsorship. 

“The most important thing I have to say today is that the allegations are not true. They are simply not true,” Soriano said on video to the club’s website. “The fans can be sure of two things. The first one is that the allegations are false. And the second is that we will do everything that can be done to prove so.

“We know the fans are supporting us. We can feel it. [City] fans have gone through challenges over the decades. This is just another challenge. We will stick together, we will go through it and we will not let the fans down.”

Soriano said the club is looking for an early resolution, aiming to have this resolved by the summer. If the ban is overturned completely, it would be a massive victory and have huge financial implications on the club. Having to miss two seasons of Champions League would not be only a financial hit, but it could also result in players moving away from the club in search of the chance to play in UCL.

City faces West Ham in the Premier League on Wednesday. Pep Guardiola’s team will play in the Champions League round of 16 against Real Madrid next Wednesday in Spain. The return leg is set for March 17. 

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