Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand says Premier League should void season and not award Liverpool the title

With the Premier League season suspended during the coronavirus pandemic, Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand is calling for the league season to be called off. That comes as Liverpool, United’s fiercest rival, is on the verge of winning the Premier League for the first time in 30 years. Ferdinand, who won everything with the Red Devils during his 12 seasons at Old Trafford, said his opinion on the matter doesn’t have anything to do with Liverpool being in first place. 

“I just think the Premier League should be void. Void it,” Ferdinand said according to ESPN.

“I know there’s going to be a lot of Liverpool fans going, ‘Oh, Rio, just because you used to play for Man United.’

“I just don’t see a way that can be done where health isn’t compromised. Simple as that. All this behind-closed-doors business — you’re still going to have players there. Are the players not part of society?

“There are players who are going to go down with the illness who might not have recovered, or catch it from someone then it spreads to other players. It won’t be fair, it’s not a level playing field. I just don’t feel it’s right.”  

There are 92 Premier League left to be played before the season can conclude, and the plan has been all along for the season to be completed. It’s unclear how exactly things will play out, but UEFA has targeted June 30 for the leagues to be wrapped up. 

Simply voiding the season would bring obvious complications such as which team qualifies for the Champions League and Europa League and which teams get promoted and relegated from the lower divisions. Also just leaving the standings as they are likely wouldn’t work either because not all teams have played 29 games. For instance, relegating Aston Villa without playing its 29th game seems quite harsh where winning that game would put them into the safe zone. 

The league hasn’t hinted at when the league will continue playing, and it all obviously depends on how the virus situation plays out over the coming weeks and months. 

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