Marlins shut down outfield pool, nightclub at stadium ahead of 2020 season

The Miami Marlins have already made arguably their toughest cut of the season. The Clevelander night club located behind the left field wall has been shut down for the year. As a result, those shots of people swimming during Marlins games will be a thing of the past as the pool, dancers and DJs that were all once a prominent part of the park are no more. Fans will reportedly still be allowed to access the area with different seating, and without the pool.

The bar will remain as a faint memory of what once was at Marlins Park.

“We are excited about the future use and potential of the field-level space as a fan destination within Marlins Park for a wide variety of audiences,” Marlins chief revenue officer Adam Jones said in a statement Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

As those with knowledge of the park’s history will tell you, this is not the first time that such a notable staple of the stadium has been removed in recent years.

The makeover that Derek Jeter has implemented as CEO of the Marlins included getting rid of the famous home run statue that was behind the outfield wall. Depending who you were, it was either a thing of beauty that represented the absurd nature of the franchise, or an abysmal eyesore that represented all that was wrong with it. The statue is still alive, however, in a plaza outside the ballpark.

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