Mike Trout nails impressive golf trick shot, proves once again he can do everything

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout is known for his baseball swing, but his golf swing isn’t too bad either. Trout continued to show everyone that baseball is not the only sport he is great at in a video posted to his Instagram page on Tuesday night. This clip features him standing at his balcony ready to hit the ball. Below him was the target, a red solo cup he was hoping to sink the golf ball into. 

Trout — of course — nailed it. 

Trout called “Tiger” as the ball soared from the second floor to the first floor, landing perfectly in the cup. You’d think the ball would hit the rim of the cup at least a little and then go in, but no, it stayed still as he sunk it with perfection.

After he pulled off the impossible looking trick shot, you could see him celebrating and screaming, “Let’s go!” 

I like to think this was his first attempt, though I wonder how many tries it actually took. No matter what the number is, it’s still better than I could do.

Trout showed off his golfs skills earlier in March when he went to a driving range and absolutely crushed a golf ball into the atmosphere.

I’m still trying to figure out if there’s anything this 28 year old can’t do.

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